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March 13, 2007

Noella Got Married! Venetian & Italian Wedding Cookies

Last week, my dear friend Noella and her long time boyfriend, John went to Hawaii for vacation. Shortly after they arrived in Maui, John proposed, and forty-eight hours later at a courthouse in Kaua'i, they were pronounced husband and wife! I think it's the most romantic way to get married. She told me today, "I waited so long for him to propose I just couldn't wait to be married to him!" (Aww!)

In honor of their nuptials, her desk was decorated all "wedding-y" and it looked great! We didn't stop there! Of course I had to make her something super special. Since Noella is Italian, I knew she'd love either Venetian Cookies or Italian Wedding Cookies but I couldn't decide between the two. So I ended up making them both!

Congratulations Noella and John!


  1. I'd marry these cookies.

  2. The cookies and the decorations are *beautiful.*

  3. I've always want to make Italian cookies. I will try this recipe and thanks for your comment on grouprecipes.com

    My blog is also,



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