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July 28, 2008

A New Way To Cut Strawberries Quickly

Here's a quick and easy way to cut up lots of strawberries in a hurry. First make sure your strawberries are washed and hulled. Then get your handy-dandy egg slicer.
Place the strawberry hull-side down onto the egg slicer...
 Push down slowly but firmly. As you push down the strawberry will guide you..

And voila! A perfectly, evenly sliced strawberry!

I was able to cut all these strawberries in about 15 minutes!


  1. That's an awful lot of strawberries....whadaya making, baking? I know it has to be something strawberry-licious. Come on...fess, er, post up!
    Ingrid :-)

  2. Yum! I use my egg slicer to slice mushrooms as well- makes it so much easier.

  3. what does one use that many strawberries for??!

  4. Bonnie - good to know! thanks!

    Ingrid and Heather -
    You guys are so funny! :) Remember Linda's Strawberry Nostalgia cake, well that day I didn't just make cake for her but I also made strawberry shortcake for 50+ people too. To make it easy to serve, I put it into cups so everyone could just grab one and go. Unfortunately I didn't get a very good picture of one close up.. but if you want to see what all the cups looked like, you can see check it out here> I was saving this post for when I had a baking lull.

  5. Wow, That is alot of strawberrys!

  6. that really is a great tip. Heather- Decoration Duh, JK LMAO

  7. I wanna be one of your co-workers! My birthday just past but maybe next year? I really like desserts that incorporate melted marshmallows or fluff. Oh, and I'm a vanilla girl. ;-)

    All kidding aside how long did it take you to assemble? What did you use as the shortcake?

    I finally downloaded the Windows Writer. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It'a a huge help!

  8. What a great tip! This would be perfect for making strawberry fans as well, by leaving a smidgen of the top together and fanning out the slices. Thanks!

  9. Wow, what a clever way to slice them up! I bet my kids would love to try that.

  10. Wow. You're a genius, thats an amazing idea! I love when you turn a "unitasker" (to quote the great alton brown) into a multi-use item! I'll definitely be doing that strawberry cutting trick in the future


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