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October 15, 2012

Beverly Hills Birthday

My neighbor Tracy ordered these fancy schmancy cupcakes for our neighbor Cindy who loves Beverly Hills.She especially adores Tom Ford the designer. The black and gold zipper, the brown purse and the lipstick are all replicas of things he is known for. The rest of the cupcakes are fairly self explanatory except for two: The teal belt above the Happy Birthday cupcake is for the brand Pop Mollywho is known for their belts and purses and the second is the zebra one to the left of the big red heart. Let me explain...

Inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel lives the Library Bar. It is famous for its one-of-a-kind cocktails made by Matthew Biancaniello. Cindy, the birthday girl, loves visiting this bar when she's in town and it was important that I include it in some way in one of the cupcakes. I wrote to the hotel to get the logo and it turned out that the bar doesn't have one! The hotel representative was so helpful and sent me several photos of cocktails made and of the bar's interior which you'll find below:
(Photo Courtesy of  Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel - A Thompson Hotel)
The chairs stood out immediately as something that I could try and make, so I did!  I included two books as my attempt at acknowledging the name of the bar: I painted "Library Bar" on the top book and the bottom one, I put the initials "MB" on the spine it in honor of Cindy's favorite mixologist.  While not perfect, it was a good attempt. Making a chair that tiny and have it stay standing up isn't an easy thing to do!

It was a fun project and it really challenged me to think a bit outside of the box. I forgot how much fun making 3D images can be. Just in case you're curious about the flavor, the cupcakes were a dark Guinness Stout chocolate (my go-to chocolate cupcake recipe!) and whipped chocolate ganache.  Happy Birthday Cindy! I hope you enjoyed them. :) 


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful creations! Cindy adored them and I am amazed at your extreme talent. You are a true artist!!


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