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August 25, 2008

Jake's Apple and Cherry Pie

First let me start off this post by saying that this is my very first attempt at a real pie. I know it's not photogenic, but it tasted mighty yummy! I cheated a bit too -- I used store bought crust. I know, I know...bad me, huh? But I was more concerned about the filling and figured I'd master the pie crust another day.
So why an apple and cherry pie and why now? Well, it was my son's request. A few months ago, during a baking lull, I asked him what he would like me to make. After about five seconds he said, "I would like pie. Apple and cherry pie."
"Really? Together? Are you sure?" I asked
"Yup. I like pie and apple and cherry are my two favorites. They should taste even better together."

Sigh. I was so uninspired by his request, I kept avoiding it. It just didn't appeal to me at all. Then last week as I tucked him into bed, he asked me with his big, sad, Puss-in-Boots eyes, why I made cupcakes for "that lady that rips out your eyebrow hair" but hadn't made him his pie yet. Ouch! He had a point and I felt pretty bad, so while he and his dad were out running an errand, I made his pie. And you know what? He was right! Apples and cherries together created one tasty pie. So tasty, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture until we devoured most of it.

Apple & Cherry Pie
Yield: 8 slices
Adapted from a recipe from Apple Journal

1 cup guilt (optional :-) )
5 cups peeled, cored, and sliced apples (about 5-6 apples)
3 cups pitted and halved cherries (I used one 12oz bottle of Marello Cherries from Trader Joe's*)
2 tablespoons amaretto
2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
2 tablespoon of cold butter, diced

1 double pie crust

Place the pie crust in the a 9" glass baking dish. Set aside.

To make the filling, combine the apples, cherries, amaretto, vanilla, and lemon juice in a large mixing bowl; toss well. Mix in 1/2 cup of the sugar. Set aside for 10 minutes. Preheat the oven to 400F.

In a small bowl, mix the remaining 2 tablespoons sugar with the cornstarch. Sprinkle over the fruit and toss well. Turn the filling into the pie shell. Dot the surface of the pie with the butter.

Cover the pie with the top crust. Top with the second crust and trim the edges to about 1-inch over the rim. Tuck the edge of the top crust under the edge of the bottom crust and crimp the 2 together with your fingers or a fork. Using a sharp knife, make several slits (4-5) over the surface of the crust.

Place directly on the center oven rack and bake for 35 minutes. You'll know it's done when juice starts oozing up and over the top of the crust. You can also use a toothpick to test the apple's doneness.

Note: If you use the Morello cherries from TJ's, be sure to inspect them as they are not 100% pit-free.

Do you see the face in the cherry on the right?

Would I Make This Again? Sure. It was yummy and easy, especially with the store bought crust (I thought it tasted pretty good). Next time I plan to try it with fresh cherries just to see how that changes the flavor.


  1. Bad, bad mommy not making babyboy his pie! Just kidding! I would have reacted the same way. Except I would have cringed and just made him cake instead.

    Your pie looked good.....juicy! Good luck with the crust!

  2. Thanks Ingrid! Bad Mommy indeed!

  3. I've never thought of putting apples and cherries together either! It does look really tasty though and of course, since you're eating fruit, no guilt really, right? :)

  4. I always use store bought crust. Ain't no shame in that! Although I do have a goal this fall (when I enter pie-baking season) to attempt a real crust. I've been collecting recipes and everything.

  5. Thank you Julia for the wonderful apple/cherry pie. I was visiting my daughter and son-n-law in Az. and wanted to make him something special, that being his favorite pie I happened across your site. I ended up making a second one. We all LOVED it! All I had was a can of cherry pie filling,and Granny Smith apples. The cherries cooked up, but was still wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Im at home now {Ohio} and had an awful time finding you again, so now you are logged into my "favorites" as I too cook a lot. I love to bake, and try new recipes.


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